Course Flyover

Hole 1 - Balbirnie Drive - Par 4

The opening hole is a slightly downhill 396 yard Par 4 dogleg left with bunkers down the right and trees to the left. The two-tier green has bunkers at either side making for a challenging start.

Hole 2 - The Mains - Par 4

The second is a 352 yard Par 4 with a series of rises before the green, club selection from the tee is key. Numerous hazards both around the green and on either side of the fairway, accuracy is required.

Hole 3 - Deil's Dub - Par 4

The third is a 345 yard Par 4 downhill dogleg to the right with numerous fairway bunkers. The green is protected by both bunkers either side, an elevation change, and a pond.

Hole 4 - Cadham Woods - Par 3

The fourth is a challenging 196 yard Par 3 with significant camber from right to left on the tee shot. A large bunker protects the green if players are short left.

Hole 5 - Mount Frost - Par 4

The fifth is an uphill driveable Par 4 at 294 yards. Multiple fairway bunkers can be found in the landing zone and short of the green cambers from left to right.

Hole 6 - Sweetbank - Par 5

The sixth is a Par 5 measuring at 481 yards with a significant gully, club selection can drastically change the way this hole plays. The green is surrounded by bunkers and a change of elevation if players overshoot their approach.

Hole 7 - West Markinch - Par 3

The seventh is the shortest hole on the course, a 165 yard Par 3 downhill with bunkers both left and right of the green. This hole despite being short can make for a challenging club selection from the tee box.

Hole 8 - Target Park - Par 4

The eighth is a 419 yard Par 4, the tee shot plays long with an elevation change at the landing zone. Fairway bunkers as well as a large greenside bunker make it a tough hole both off the tee and as players approach the green.

Hole 9 - Laird's Hoose - Par 4

The ninth is a short Par 4 at 379 yards with a gradual incline which grows as players near the green. Trees down both sides and a fairway bunker as well as greenside bunkers make this a challenging end to the opening nine holes.

Hole 10 - North Drive - Par 5

The tenth hole is a Par 5 measuring 514 yards. A dogleg right protected by several fairway bunkers on the right-hand side as well as out of bounds on the left. Greenside bunkers on the left and right of the green punish those who are wayward with their approach shots.

Hole 11 - Balfarg - Par 3

The eleventh is a short Par 3 at 176 yards with 4 greenside bunkers protecting the front of the green. A challenging carry to land on the green but a gentle incline helps to stop the ball. For those that are long, a slick chip down the green awaits!

Hole 12 - Tofthill - Par 4

The twelfth hole is a Par 4 measuring 455 yards with a daunting tee shot which places great importance on position. Trees line both sides of the hole as well as out-of-bounds on the left making the tee shot one of the most difficult on the course. Approaches to the green must be wary of the pond short right and experienced players will use the contours left of the green to ensure they stay dry.

Hole 13 - Blacklaws - Par 4

The thirteenth is a 337 yard Par 4 with an interesting tee shot. Trees line both sides of the hole and a single large can block out those who are too far up the fairway, position is once again important. Greenside bunkers can be found short right and adjacent to the green on the left-side.

Hole 14 - Viewforth - Par 3

The fourteenth is a long Par 3 measuring 194 yards with a subtle increase in elevation towards the green. Bunkers will catch anyone who is short left or right, and for those that are long there is a drop-off. Missing the green here will require sharp short-game to get up-and-down.

Hole 15 - The Kennels - Par 4

The fifteenth is a 390 yard Par 4 sweeping dogleg to the right with a camber from left to right. A fairway bunker can be found on the right hand side as well as greenside bunkers left, right, and long.

Hole 16 - Fythkil - Par 4

The sixteenth is a Par 4 measuring 389 yards. A sharp dogleg left which cambers from left to right. Players short left will feed towards the greenside bunker and those right will find the green, drop offs can be found left and long of the green.

Hole 17 - Lomonds - Par 4

The seventeenth is a 319 yard Par 4 with bunkers on the right hand side as well as greenside bunkers short left and right. Driveable for longer hitters and a scoreable penultimate hole.

Hole 18 - Backburn - Par 5

The eighteenth is a 503 yard Par 5 with fairway bunkers on the left in the landing zone. Players may choose to layup or go for the green in two. However, protecting the green there is a burn as well as two greenside bunkers on the right-hand side. A memorable final hole with risk and reward for players.