Course Flyover

Hole 1 - Balbirnie Drive - Par 4

The opening hole is a slightly downhill 396-yard Par 4 dogleg left with bunkers down the right and trees to the left. The two-tier green has bunkers at either side making for a challenging start.

Hole 2 - The Mains - Par 4

The second is a 352-yard Par 4 with a series of rises before the green, club selection from the tee is key. Numerous hazards both around the green and on either side of the fairway, accuracy is required.

Hole 3 - Deil's Dub - Par 4

The third is a 345-yard Par 4 downhill dogleg to the right with numerous fairway bunkers. The green is protected by both bunkers either side, an elevation change, and a pond.

Hole 4 - Cadham Woods - Par 3

The fourth is a challenging 196-yard Par 3 with significant camber from right to left on the tee shot. A large bunker protects the green if players are short left.

Hole 5 - Mount Frost - Par 4

The fifth is an uphill driveable Par 4 at 294 yards. Multiple fairway bunkers can be found in the landing zone and short of the green cambers from left to right.

Hole 6 - Sweetbank - Par 5

The sixth is a Par 5 measuring at 481 yards with a significant gully, club selection can drastically change the way this hole plays. The green is surrounded by bunkers and a change of elevation if players overshoot their approach.

Hole 7 - West Markinch - Par 3

Hole 8 - Target Park - Par 4

The eighth is a 419-yard Par 4, the tee shot plays long with an elevation change at the landing zone. Fairway bunkers as well as a large greenside bunker make it a tough hole both off the tee and as players approach the green.

Hole 9 - Laird's Hoose - Par 4

The ninth is a short Par 4 at 379 yards with a gradual incline which grows as players near the green. Trees down both sides and a fairway bunker as well as greenside bunkers make this a challenging end to the opening nine holes.

Hole 10 - North Drive - Par 5

Hole 11 - Balfarg - Par 3

Hole 12 - Tofthill - Par 4

Hole 13 - Blacklaws - Par 4

Hole 14 - Viewforth - Par 3

Hole 15 - The Kennels - Par 4

Hole 16 - Fythkil - Par 4

Hole 17 - Lomonds - Par 4

Hole 18 - Backburn - Par 5